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Amplify your home entertainment! The TPO-7300 is a perfect amplifier to form the basis of a 7.1 channel home theater system. The TPO-7300 is also an ideal amplifier to pair with a pre-amplifier to make a 7.1.2, or 7.1.4 channel Dolby Atmos system or any other multichannel applications. The TPO-7300 is a prefect solution to drive your main speakers with strong power, incredible clarity and detail, low noise and distortion while pre-amplifier supplies power to other speakers in the system. This recommended combination could help you to reduce the costs while still maintain a higher expectation with sensational sonic performance! With stylish simple sleek front-face design, the TPO-7300 blends seamlessly into any home theater setting and décor.


The TPO-7300 is THX Ultra Certified power amplifier uses exclusive home theater technologies to reproduce every nuance to the listener, along with the raw power of a surround sound cinema experience or live recording session. The TPO-7300 has to pass over 500 THX lab tests, including quantitative performance studies and listening tests to ensure the highest quality audio reproduction. This THX Ultra Certified TPO-7300 amplifier is capable of playing at THX Reference Level volume when used with THX Certified loudspeakers; has fixed volume gain that is calibrated to match THX Certified loudspeaker sensitivity to maximize the system’s overall performance. The TPO-7300 ensures studio quality crystal clear audio; it is designed and tested to perform at very low harmonic distortion levels. As the number of amplifier channels increase, distortion becomes more audible, therefore making it more pronounced in multichannel applications.


The TPO-7300 delivers 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 350 watts per channel into 4 ohms, all channels driven; 450 watts per channel into 4 ohms single channel driven, at less than 0.08% THD. It is absolutely the best-in-class amplifier! In addition, it has a four-level safety pattern and fully protected circuit which is designed to protect amplifier from short-circuit and over-heated, to ensure a longer duration of usage.  It has unique design with 12V Trigger home theater mode, which enables TPO-7300 to be turned-on automatically. The SensaSound custom developed capacitors ensure high instantaneous current capability; the beautifully designed gold-plated terminals are not only for your eyes enjoyment but ensure high-speed, accurate signal transmission. The TPO-7300 is a must to have power amplifier for your home theater solution, which can provide you an authentic cinematic experience for your home entertainment and enjoyment from many years to come.

THX Ultra Certified

THX Ultra certification is an assurance to consumers of uncompromised quality, best-in-class performance and consistency. In order to get THX Certified, all products need to go through the industry’s most rigorous performance testing in order to meet the highest qualifications for quality. THX Ultra is specified and designed for large home theaters or living rooms capable of THX reference Level in  a room up to 3,000 cubic feet. In order to get THX Ultra certified, all amplifiers need to go though continuous output tests and the dynamic tests.

7-independent Channels of Fully Balanced Wire Module Design with no Interference

A modular audio channel design is applied to ensure each audio signal is isolated from the other channels' from input all the way to output to authentically reproduce what the artists intended.

High-dynamic Performance with Practically Negligible Distortion

The specially designed modular and up-to-date technology to ensure a a crystal clear audio at a very low harmonic distortion level( which is practically negligible)  under high-dynamic performance. 

Four-level Safety Design 

TPO-7300 has a four layer special safety design and a fully protected circuit design to protect from short-circuit, self-excitation, over-heated, and direct circuit etc. 

45A High-current Output

HIC Power Supply Design

SensaSound specially developed optimum HIC power supply structure design with high-end and powerful 60,000 μF capacitor, together make sure that there is no signal loss, distortion and less inference, under high and wide dynamic range. 

12V Auto Trigger Mode

TPO-7300 has a Unique Home Theater mode that a 12V Trigger to  automatically turn-on and shot down the amplifier. Switched to this mode, TPO-7300 can be automatically turned-on, if the pre-amplifier or other proceed AV equipment outputs a 12 V signal.


Frequency Response

20Hz~75KHz (+1/-3dB)
Signal to Noice Ratio

RCA ≥112dB (Aweight)

Balance≥107dB (Aweight)   

Input Sensitivity 1.6 V rms @ 200W 
Recommend Power 1800W @ 8 Ohms;

3000W @ 4 Ohms

Rate Power Output

200 W/each @ 8 Ohms, all channels driven

280 W/each @ 4 Ohms, all channels driven

450 W/each @ 4 Ohms, single channel driven



THD ≤0.08% (1kHz)
Power Supply 

115V AC or 230V AC +/- 10% @ 50/60 Hz

(China CCC Version 110V-220V)

Product Dimensions (W*H*D)     

17.3”*9.4” *19.7”(44cm*24cm*50cm)

Package Dimensions (W*H*D)

23.6” *15.4”*25.2” (60cm*39cm*64cm)

Gross weight

99.21 lbs (45.0Kg)

Net Weight 112.4 lbs (51.0Kg)

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